This privacy policy covers all MyWurld, Inc. ("Company") offerings, as distinguished by any MyWurld™ domain name or sub-domain, and referred to herein as "application(s)", "site(s)" or any similar label, including all pages, content, applications, and information owned and offered by Company, including both mobile, app, and Internet-based versions, collectively called "services". By using or accessing MyWurld, Inc. services, you agree to the privacy policy below.


User: Any person using the site, whether a member, guest, visitor, account holder, or someone using another's account.

User Profile Information (UPI): User's full name, email address, mailing address, telephone number, and any other information stored in your profile.

User Profile Information Statement

Company assumes users want personal information to remain private, and will not sell, rent, trade, or share any UPI to any third party without express consent from users seeking promotional content.


You have complete discretion to determine whether the content you upload to the site (e.g. images, posts, media, information, etc.) is private, viewable by those you choose, or open to the public.

You hereby agree Company has complete discretion over the content it permits to be posted and may suspend, alter, or delete any content you post Company deems inappropriate. You also hereby agree Company shall not be liable for any content posted by others and for any damage or injury you may suffer as a result. All liability rests with the users posting content.

Users understand the Internet is an open forum and information, once publicly disseminated, may never be cancelled, retrieved, or eliminated from public circulation. Such information may be saved, copied, distributed, or redistributed by others and third parties outside of Company's control. Users post public information at their sole risk. Company shall have no liability concerning such public information.


Cookies are tiny pieces of information that Company may place on your computer. Company uses cookies to store preferences, check for installed software necessary for proper function, access material, and to identify your Internet browser. Data in cookies may be read to authenticate user sessions or provide services. You hereby authorize Company's use of cookies at Company's discretion.

Third party ads on Company services may also contain cookies set by third parties, including Internet advertising companies or advertisers (collectively called "third party cookies"). Company does not control third party cookies. Users of the services must check the privacy policy of any third party or advertiser to see how it uses cookies and how that may affect users of Company services. Users should not click thru on ads or third party links they do not trust or for which the privacy policy is inadequate. Company does not continuously monitor privacy policies of third parties, including partners, affiliates, sponsors, advertisers, etc., and makes no warranties concerning such. Company is not responsible for such third party cookies or their effect; users bear sole risk.

If you choose to block Cookies, you may not have access to certain features on the services.


Use of the services is a privilege, not a right. Company is not responsible for the use of services by others. All risk is born by users. No exceptions.

Company bears no risk and assumes no liability for the business or privacy practices of other companies, advertisers, entities, groups, affiliates, websites, or third parties of any kind. If you leave services via a link or ad click-through, access a third party application, website, or widget, you must check the applicable privacy policy of the third party site to be sure your UPI will be protected. Users shall have no recourse to Company, its officers, employees, or affiliates for any losses or damages suffered through interaction with others, or third parties, and for the use or dissemination of UPI by other parties.

Additional Terms

Company reserves the right to refuse the use of any username, for any reason, including reasons of lewdness or copyright infringement.

Nothing in this policy shall obligate Company to provide any specific methods or categories of privacy, or protections of privacy as might be familiar to Internet users through other websites. Company's privacy policy is proprietary.

It should be noted that if Company sells or transfers all or a portion of its business your UPI may be transferred to the party or parties involved in the transaction; you hereby consent.

There may also be emergency instances when Company is compelled to provide access to or disclose UPI, which would typically violate the terms of this Privacy Policy. Under these extreme circumstances the Privacy Policy will be suspended. This may occur specifically in legal circumstances where Company is compelled to disclose certain information by a Court or judge with appropriate jurisdiction for any number of possible reasons. You hereby consent. In all such cases, Company shall have no liability to users and users shall have no recourse against Company for disseminated private data and losses or damages of any kind.

Users are responsible for complying with applicable laws and regulations in their own communities or jurisdictions regarding the information and content they supply to Company and post to the Company Services. Users shall bear full and sole legal responsibilities and ramifications for the content they post. Company may from time to time contact users with information, offers, specials, or notifications of any kind; you hereby consent.


From time to time Company may modify this Privacy Policy at its discretion. Any changes shall be effective upon posting by Company to site(s). Continued use of site shall signify your acceptance. You hereby consent Company is not required to notify you of updates.

Parents & Teens

Company recommends minors 13 years of age or older ask their parents' permission before registering with Company, using the site, or posting any Content. Company further recommends parents monitor all online activity of their minor children. Only users of legal age to consent may engage in commercial activities on Company services. Company shall not be liable in any capacity for unauthorized use by minors. Company is a general audience site and does not knowingly collect UPI (described below) from children under 13 years of age.

Children under age 13-not permitted. If you are under 13, do not register for Company or any service offered by Company; do not provide any personal information about yourself on or through the site or through any other site or portal which may provide your personal information to Company. Company is not responsible for any use, content, or loss of any kind suffered by any user under the age of 13 who willfully uses the Site despite these policies.